200Mbps Wall-mount Powerline Network Adapter VPA201M

200Mbps Wall-mount Powerline Network Adapter VPA201M 200Mbps Wall-mount Powerline Network Adapter VPA201M

Visonicom powerline network adapter VPA201M takes the advantage of your home's existing electrical wires into a high-speed powerline Ethernet. No additional wires required, nor configuration required. Users can simply plug the powerline adapters into existing power sockets and establish networking infrastructure in seconds for powerline communications.

Just plug the powerline adapter VPA201M into the existing power outlet, connect it to your PC with Ethernet cable, then you can enjoy your network life – a powerline internet! With advanced HomePlug AV technology, the HomePlug adapter VPA201M provides you with stable high speeds of up to 200Mbps, far beyond normal 11g wireless speeds and no worry about the walls that blocks the WiFi signal any more. You can now enjoy data, voice, online gaming, HD Video and IPTV streaming simultaneously.

The Powerline adapters must be deployed in sets of two or more pieces to make a powerline network kit, according to the rooms and power sockets.

IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3x and HomePlug AV standards
Data transmission rate up to 200Mbps, ready for Full-HD IPTV
Up to 300 meters range over the household power circuit for better performance through walls or across floors
Built-in QoS assures the quality of bandwidth sensitive applications
Built-in 128-bit AES encryption assures data security
EuP (Power saving mode) support, reduces power consumption by up to 85%
Easy Plug and Play operation, No configuration required
Wide power range, AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, ensures usage all over the world


Powerline HomePlug AV
Co-exists with HomePlug 1.0 and Turbo HomePlug 1.0
Ethernet IEEE802.3 10Base-T Ethernet
IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet
Protocol Support TCP/IP, IGMP, CSMA/CA, QoS 
Hardware Encryption AES 128-bit (Over the Powerline) 
Frequency Band  2-30MHz 
Modulation Technology OFDM (1024/256/64/16-QAM,QPSK,BPSK and ROBO Modulation Technology) 
Transmission PHY Speed 200Mbps
Maximum Distance 300 Meters
Power Save Compliance with EuP LOT6 (2009) CoC
Power Source AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 3Watt(Normal)
1Watt(Power Save Mode)
System Requirements Windows 98Se/Me/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7, Linux, Mac OS 
Interfaces 1 * Plug
1 * Ethernet Port
LED Indicators Power, Ethernet, Data
Buttons Reset /Security Button
Power Plug EU/US/UK
Operation Temperature  0°C~40°C (32°F~104°F) 
Storage Temperature   -20°C~70°C (-4°F~158°F) 
Operation Humidity  10%~90%, Non-condensing 
Storage Humidity  5%~90%, Non-condensing 
Certifications FCC,CE, RoHS 
Package Contents
Package Contents 1 * Powerline Network Adapter
1 * Resource CD
1 * Quick Installation Guide
2 * Ethernet Cable

Additional Info

  • Product Type: Wall mount
  • Tx PHY Speed: 200Mbps
  • Chipset: QCA6410

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